Trezor® Hardware® - Wallet

Protect your crypto holdings with Trezor Hardware Wallet, the trusted solution for secure, offline storage of digital currencies.

Setting up a new Trezor hardware wallet for the first time involves initializing the device, creating a backup, and installing any necessary software. Here's a general guide:

Before you begin:

  • Ensure your Trezor device is genuine. If it has any signs of tampering, contact Trezor support immediately.

What you'll need:

  • Your Trezor device

  • A computer with internet access

  • The included Trezor recovery seed cards (metal plates for some models)

  • Pen for writing down your recovery seed


  1. Install Trezor Suite: Download and install the official Trezor Suite application from [trezor suite download ON]. It's available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  2. Connect your Trezor: Using the provided USB cable, connect your Trezor device to your computer. Follow any on-screen instructions to initialize the device.

  3. Welcome and device check: Trezor Suite will guide you through initial setup. It might perform a device check to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

  4. Choose recovery type: You'll likely have the option for "Standard seed backup" (the most common method). Confirm your choice on the Trezor device itself.

  5. Generate your recovery seed: This is the most crucial step. Trezor will display a series of random words on the device screen one by one. Carefully write down each word in the correct order on the provided recovery seed cards. Treat this seed with the same importance as your bank password - anyone with it can access your cryptocurrency.

  6. Verify your recovery seed: Trezor will prompt you to verify your written seed by selecting the words shown on the device screen. Double-check each word for accuracy.

  7. Set a PIN: Create a strong PIN to protect your Trezor device. Ideally, use a PIN you don't use for any other accounts.

  8. Install wallets (optional): Trezor Suite allows you to install individual wallets for the cryptocurrencies you plan to use. You can add these later as needed.

  9. Label your device (optional): Consider giving your Trezor a name in Trezor Suite to help you identify it if you have multiple devices.

Additional Tips:

  • Never share your recovery seed with anyone.

  • Store your recovery seed securely offline, ideally in a fireproof safe.

  • Consider using a passphrase for additional recovery seed security (optional).

  • Trezor provides detailed setup guides and tutorials on their website: [trezor setup guide ON]

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